Sunrise or Sunset

Look at this photo. Tell me, when do you think I took this? Sunrise or sunset?

Our life is a constant battle between what is right and wrong, blue or red, up or down, jeans or skirt, boots or sneakers and so many other choices that sometimes it is so exhausting that we just want to go with the flow. But even with the latter, we still need to choose if we really want to go with it. Ha! Life in its irony.

So whether you think it is sunrise or sunset, both choice bring hope. Hope that today is the day or tomorrow is another day. The Bible says that God’s mercies are new every morning and it’s so liberating to know that the God we serve honors His word by showing us this amazing sight in the sky at the end of the river, ocean, mountain, your backyard, and in everything.

I pray that when times are tough and we feel that we have no hope, let’s remember to look at the sunrise or sunset and see how much Jesus loves usthat He died on the cross to rescue us.


Fourth Week Coming Up!

I thought I’d be able to update this blog every weekend after 5 days of homeschooling my 5-year old but man, was I wrong!

I made a promise to myself that the first 2 weeks will be a relaxed approach until we are both accustomed to the idea of homeschooling. Although it was okay, I realized how unready I was in so many ways including my heart, mind and body. I am only thankful that prior to the first day of school which was July 7, I decided that we will only be tackling about the Bible for her Values Ed subject, read aloud some books, review phonics and tracing lines again for pre-writing. If I already plunged to the more formal lessons, I would literally go crazy! Hahaha

But God’s mercy is new every morning and so far, now that we are in our 4th week, we are more in sync. My kinder would ask me, “Mom, do we have school tomorrow?” and when I say yes, she’d go “Ohhhh, I just want to play.” 😦 So I always tell her, that she can always play everyday, but she has to make room for studies also.

However, I would constantly find myself changing our schedule because of my observation. Like on our 1st week, we do journals after our read aloud but it takes a lot of our time and so we finish at or past 12 noon if we start at around 930 am. And so in our 2nd and 3rd week, we did journals after Bible reading, one of the books that we need to read aloud say Nature Science on Mondays, English Literature on Tuesdays, etc., and then Math. After journals, we do reading and writing. Then I noticed that her drawings weren’t as good as the ones from our first week. It seemed like she was always in a hurry to finish everything up. I realized that maybe, I need to spread the subject throughout the day so that she doesn’t feel like she’s being overloaded with so many things about school.

So here I am, after this blog, I’d work on our schedule for this week. Hahaha and I know that this is not a good example of forming good habits. Tsk… I believe I’d get there.

Stay tuned.. 😀

July 13th, 2020
July 14th, 2020
July 15th, 2020
July 16th, 2020
July 17h, 2020
July 22nd, 2020
July 24th, 2020


First Day of Homeschool

I am so far from being ready and next ting I knew, the our school year in Living Learning Homeschool officially started. A few days prior, I promised myself that we will take things slow and that we will make it chill because I don’t want me and MH to be stressed out. I am a single mother, a full-time career woman who works at night and a hands-on momma. So I really don’t want to fill our schedule with so many things and loose our wits when we’re both tired studying.

Anyway, today, I think is a good day. I will tell you about it but before that, let me show you first our schedule –

*Those highlighted in yellow are those subjects that we would put in journal.

*We play Lupang Hinirang before class starts and classical music while studying except for reading subject.


And here are some photos to document our first day, 🙂

She wanted to draw first, so I let her. That was me in the middle – with braces 😛

Bible Journal #1



Hope in Charlotte Mason

A lot of families have considered or are still considering homeschooling their children because of the pandemic. In the Philippines alone, it is a very big issue as a big chunk of Filipino families cannot afford enrolling their children in home-school or even do online schooling through their current public schools because of financial constraints as this method would need gadgets (tablet, smart phones, or computers) and internet connection. I am all for delaying the school year because I truly understand where these families come from and at the same time, I also understand that our private teachers need their job back to feed their own family. 

I am beyond grateful that I am able to provide education for my child. I have considered 2 providers that are on the top of the list of the homeschooling community – one that is expensive and another that is affordable. I am just really happy to have found one that is unfamiliar to most but one that I truly believe in and the bonus is that it is affordable *wink.  

It was that one day when I attended a Facebook live chat hosted by I Homeschool and the guest is a church friend whom I really look up to. She introduced Charlotte Mason to me. I researched some more and I knew it is the one. 🙂 

So, this special part of my very slow blog (LOL) is to document our journey of homeschooling with Charlotte Mason. I am nervous and excited and overwhelmed, to be honest but I decided to take things slow besides, MH is only 5 and she is still in her gentle years. I also know that as we go along this path, we will both learn a lot – actually, I think I will learn more from it. 🙂 



Neglected Pain

Yesterday, because of the bush fire in Oz, I messaged a former boyfriend asking him if his family and friends back home are all okay. We ended up telling each other about our current life – he now has two little girls and a boy coming while I have a daughter.

As I was chatting with him, I felt my hands tremble as I read each of his replies carefully, taking it all in – he is happily married and a proud father while I am a single parent. I cried so much I longed for my Mom who was out of town and left her phone at home so I couldn’t call her.

It has only been six days since I started reading the Bible at the start of the year and I can see it so clearly how God is working in my life. He is being true to His word for me this year that He will “increase” me. And in order for Him to prepare me to receive one of His blessings, He wants me to get my unnoticed pain out of my life. He is digging through my very core and is cleaning it all up so that my heart will be ready to receive the love He wants to give to me and to be able to love wholly. Because just the thought that this man that I was talking about is my “one great love” or “the one that got away” as my friends have put it gives me that sad feeling that I will be forever imprisoned on a love that is never going to happen again with him. I don’t want that and I know that God doesn’t want that for me, too.

On the day 6 of Cover to Cover book by Selwyn Hughes that I am using now as my Bible guide, it says, “Emotions that are not faced cause trouble. You don’t have to agree with them but you do have to face them in God’s strength.”

So I will trust the Lord and will continue to pray for my heart’s healing. I hope that you, too, will be able to see your neglected pains and be able to take that step closer with God to freedom. It is liberating to know that God wants this so much for us. I am praying for you.



God is Timely

I was in Manila for almost a week because our boss from the US visited the site and we have to be present as well. We had a great time at our team building and it was also the time when our bosses had to break the news to us that our client decided not to renew their contract. I did not know what to feel.  What I am sure of is that there was never a hint of worry. I believe that God have prepared me for this as he always does before the news came in.

Two months ago, I was tapped to do Quality Assurance for our team and this is the job I really don’t want to go back to. I still did it because I do not want to create a bad impression that I am not as flexible as I said I was when it comes to work and other tasks. I can see that God have given me something to do that is equally important to our team because the contract with the client will end three months from now.

I just want to say that God is always timely and His faithfulness never fails. He got me. He got you.


Social Media Hiatus

Social media can be fun and cruel at the same time. Just last month, I felt I was judged and ridiculed on two of my posts on Facebook about my parenting style. So I decided to take a break from all of it and more than a month after, I feel more relaxed and so much less of a paranoid and insecure parent. Though I really like sharing my funny experiences with my talkative child, I think that, it is better this way – free from stress. I rarely post on my Instagram now (just stories tagged by my sister and for today, my child’s improving painting – see below) and temporarily deactivated my Facebook.


Feet Clean

John 13

[Verse 6]             Simon Peter: Lord, do you wash my feet?

[Verse 7]             Jesus: What I am doing, you do not understand now but afterward you will understand.

[Verse 8]             Simon Peter: You shall never wash my feet!

                             Jesus: If I do not wash you, you have no share with me.

[Verse 9]             Simon Peter: Lord, not my feet only but also my hands and my head!

How beautiful it is that Jesus, The One the King of Kings sent to save the world, willingly died on the cross so that we may live? A love like no other. A love filled with so much grace that even when there are times we do not understand how deeply-rooted it is in our very core, it is there and no one and nothing can take it away from us. We only need to grab it because it is ours for the taking.

In this conversation between Jesus and Simon Peter, I realized that in all the secrecy of our sins, in order for us to be clean, Jesus washes our feet.

I have a very good friend who just recently got broken-hearted. I listened to her painful sobs while she said that the decision was made because it has to be. It was a relationship that is not right for both of them. But I know, it was God who made the break-up happen because He loves them so much that He had to wash their feet (sins).

Most of the time, we do not want to let Him wash our feet (Simon said he “You shall never wash my feet!”) because of embarrassment that we want to hide from Him, or because we like the sin so much that we are not willing to give it up, or we are afraid of the change of lifestyle and the list goes on. But God explains again and again and again that if we want Him in our life, He has to wash us. And boy was He always right!

I remember that in all my past relationships, I have prayed at some point, that if it is not what He wants for me (I know it wasn’t the one He wanted for me, EVERY TIME, hahaha!), that He should take it away from me. I knew it was going to hurt like the world have fallen on me, but I knew it has to be done. It had to be done. And at first I did not understand why it had to end, but I see the purpose afterwards (see verse 7).


Tell It To Jesus

Two weeks before Christmas, I got mad at my daughter. Then I heard her saying (while crying) –

“Jesus, please don’t give Mommy presents.”


Then when we were already in bed trying to sleep that night, I was hugging her and then she said –

“Jesus, you can now give presents to Mommy.”